Coaches Code of Conduct

The following Code is shown for the benefit of the parents.  It details the Code of Conduct which the league expects its coaches to adhere to.  Every coach is submitted to a background check conducted by a local police department.  If you are concerned that your child has a quality experience, please volunteer to coach or assist.

CYFL Coaches Code of Conduct
We regret making this code of conduct for coaches.  But, recent events have created a need and a responsibility to oversee coaching actions more closely.  These rules are absolute and inflexible.  Any infraction of these rules will constitute actions cause for immediate suspension or expulsion of a coach.  We realize that for most if not for all of our coaches this code is unnecessary, burdensome and even insulting.  We regret that circumstances have forced us to this decision.  We must ask you to sign and return this to a board member.  Thank you for your cooperation

  1. All contact between coaches and players must be in an open and public area.
  2. Players are not allowed to visit coaches' homes unless the player has a friend relationship with and was visiting a coaches' children prior to the advent of the season.
  3. All team parties and meetings must be in an open and public place.
  4. No inappropriate comments, touching, pictures, language or actions shall occur between a player and a coach (Nothing off color, illegal or suggestive in any way)
  5. One on one contact between a player and coach is severely discouraged.
  6. Transportation decisions must be designed to facilitate multiple people present.  Transportation is the primary responsibility of the parents of the players, not the coaches.  If a player is not picked up after practice or a game then the parents are to be called to pick him up.  If parents cannot be reached then two or more coaches should wait with the player for a reasonable time.  If another coach is not available then a parent should be asked to stay.  If a player's parent still does not arrive to bring the player home then two coaches or parents should accompany the player home.  Emergency transportation for injury or other reasons by one coach or parent is allowable.
  7. Cursing or foul language is unacceptable.
  8. Do not grab a player's face mask.
  9. Berating, belittling, or severely criticizing players is not acceptable.  Coaching should be positive and oriented toward teaching.
  10. Intentional refusal to play a game is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from coaching.
  11. Striking or fighting of any kind of anyone by a coach will be cause for immediate removal from coaching.
  12. We will be doing a brief background check on all coaches.  Signing the form indicates consent for the CYFL to make that background check and constitutes a waiver of all liability of the CYFL and holds harmless the CYFL for all results or ramifications of that check.

Generally speaking violation of these rules will invoke first a warning then (if during a game) a penalty and finally expulsion from the game and/or suspension or expulsion from coaching altogether.

We want the kids to have a fun, clean experience.  These rules are designed to facilitate that experience.

ALL COACHES, you are required to sign the Coaches Code of Conduct agreement, and turn into a league member immediately.